Climate wedding

  • Play of light at a wedding

    At Villa Estera, we know that proper lighting is an art that can put guests in a mood full of magic. Gently illuminated nooks and crannies, subtle reflections of light and warm hues create a unique aura that delights and enchants. Organizing a wedding Warsaw with us is pleasant!
  • Play of light at a wedding

    Changing shades of light give the interiors a unique character, emphasize the romantic aura of a wedding or other important event. Our wedding halls around Warsaw are equipped with soft, subdued lighting, which gives a unique character to any celebration.

  • Play of light at a wedding

    The atmospheric play of lights puts guests in a mood full of magic. Through atmospheric lighting, every detail acquires a unique meaning. Light can emphasize elegance, create a romantic aura or evoke a feeling of intimacy. This is exactly what our wedding house near Warsaw is like.
Villa Estera

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