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A stay at our hotel is an ideal choice for those looking for an elegant place conducive to relaxation, full of cordiality and intimate atmosphere, distinguished by the highest quality of service and exceptional hospitality.
Corporate events and parties are an important part of corporate life. They create not only excellent networking opportunities, but also integrate the team and promote a positive corporate image. Villa Estera, located in the charming surroundings of Warsaw, perfectly understands the importance of these events and offers an ideal place to organize them.

Why organize events?

Organizing events is not only an excellent opportunity to promote products or services, but also an effective tool for building relationships with customers, business partners and your own team of employees. Events allow you to strengthen internal ties, integrating the team and strengthening the sense of community. In addition, they are an excellent platform for presenting the company's achievements, introducing innovations, as well as gaining valuable feedback. Thanks to the professional organization of the event, the company has the opportunity to stand out from the competition, build a positive image and increase the involvement of its stakeholders. These types of events are well organized in large, nice spaces. 

Team integration, additional attractions

On the occasion of substantive meetings, it is worth taking care of team integration. We provide training participants with activities of various types, also taking into account the time of year and the preferences of the participants.
Dance parties with a DJ, bike tours, campfire feasts, barbecues in the garden patio, wine workshops in our crystal cellar, a casino game, karaoke night and much more await you in our offerings.
Villa Estera

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